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Support of various corporate actions

JSC Independent Registrar Company
provides joint-stock companies with a wide range of services related to the support of various corporate actions, including: reorganization, repurchase of shares as part of voluntary and compulsory offers, and their repurchase at the request of a person who has acquired more than 95% of the company's shares, as well as other corporate activities.

The range of activities related to supporting corporate actions includes:

1. Compiling shareholder lists and transferring them to the Company;
2. Receiving and processing shareholders' requests for the repurchase of their shares;
3. Receiving and processing other documents provided by the Company at agreed collection points;
4. Setting up a call centre for shareholders;
5. Work in an automated buyback system that allows buyback requests to be accepted and recorded online in various regions of Russia;
6. Paying agent services:
    - preparing lists for the payment of funds and providing these lists to the Company;
    - making payments to shareholders;
    - monitoring the return of funds;
    - communication with shareholders to check bank details and to make repeat payments;
7. Posting of information for shareholders on the registrar's website;
8. Copying and distribution of documents to shareholders as part of a corporate action;
9. Provision of all necessary progress reports on the procedure to the Company (and/or repurchasing shareholder). 

You can get detailed information about the services for issuers from our emplyees.