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Holding shareholders' meetings

Independent Registrar Company offers its clients a full range of services related to organization, preparation, convening and holding of general shareholders' meetings, as well as the services of a vote counting commission.

Extensive experience of organizing and holding events of this kind, a deep understanding of the special characteristics of this type of activity, a high level of professionalism and an integrated approach enables us to successfully tackle any challenges, even the most complex ones, when holding general shareholders' meetings. 

The annual general meeting of shareholders is held within the time limits established by the Charter of a company, but no earlier than two months and no later than six months after the end of the reporting year. 

 The annual shareholders' meeting deals with:
› election of the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) of the company;
› election of the Audit Commission (Internal Auditor) of the company;
› approval of the company's auditor;
› approval of the annual report and annual financial statements, unless these issues fall within the competence of the company's Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) in accordance with the company's Charter;
› other issues that are within the competence of the meeting.

One of the most important objectives of holding shareholders' meetings is to comply with the requirements established by Russian law, taking into account the latest developments in the current year.

As part of preparation for a general shareholders' meeting, the Registrar provides the following services:
› advising on issues related to preparing for and holding the meeting;
› developing draft documents: notification forms, voting ballots (including electronic voting ballots) and minutes; 
› preparing the script of the meeting; 
› preparing the information contained in a voting ballot for distribution in the form of an electronic document signed with an electronic signature;
› copying and mailing documents for the meeting; 
› sending documents for the meeting in the form of electronic documents signed with an electronic signature to a nominee;
› providing a post office box for the ballots to be sent to during absentee voting;
› organizing the receipt of voting ballots; 
› providing the premises (equipment, office machinery) for holding general shareholders' meetings.

When acting as a vote counting commission, the Registrar:

› forms the relevant databases for registration of the Meeting participants;
› verifies the powers of and registers the persons participating in the Meeting; 
› records the proxy forms collected;
› determines the quorum of the Meeting;
› explains the procedure for voting on agenda items;
› ensures that the voting procedures are followed and voting rights of shareholders are respected;
› organizes the counting of voting results, including the processing of electronic voting documents; 
› announces the voting results and the results and resolutions of general meetings of shareholders;
› certifies resolutions of general meetings of shareholders;
› drafts a report on voting results; 
› passes to the issuer the documents submitted by the participants of the Meetings;
› explains the issues that arise in connection with the exercise of the voting right by shareholders (their representatives) at the Meeting.

You can get detailed information about the services for issuers from our emplyees.

To prepare your company for the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting (AGSM) quickly and easily, you need to:

› set the date of the meeting and report it to the registrar;
› obtain document templates for the meeting from the registrar;
› sign a contract for the services of the vote counting commission (if necessary, contracts for the mailing or electronic distribution of documents to shareholders);
› prepare materials for the meeting and submit them to the Registrar;
› hold the AGSM with the Registrar and receive the report of the vote counting commission.