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Why do our clients choose Independent Registrar Company?

Independent Registrar Company is one of the largest Russian registrars. Joint-stock companies can transfer their shareholder registers to JSC Independent Registrar Company in any region of Russia. The Registrar has proved to be a highly professional partner of issuers on the Russian securities market. We have impressive experience in corporate activities, such as support for various corporate actions, dividend payments, preparing and conducting shareholder meetings and acting as a vote counting commission, and providing other services in the area of corporate governance and law.

By transferring the shareholder register to JSC Independent Registrar Company:

You will entrust your shareholder register to the registrar who has many years of experience, which enables it to offer issuers, regardless of their size, a customized set of services that fully meet their needs; 
›  You will obtain access to a set of both online and offline services for issuers and shareholders that is unique for the Russian securities market;

You will be provided with maximum protection of your data;
You will be able to certify the resolutions of general shareholders' meetings and the lists of shareholders who are present when such resolutions are adopted (in accordance with paragraph 3 of article 67.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).             .