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IRC – R.O.S.T. Group announces the results of the 2017 General Meeting season

June 30 was the last day of the General Meeting (GM) season in 2017. During the 6 months of 2017, experts of the IRC – R.O.S.T. Group performed the functions of a vote counting commission at 4,907 GMs, including 2,759 GMs supported by the Group’s regional network. As usual, June 30 was the busiest day: we provided vote counting services at over 300 GMs across Russia.

In 2017, issuers attached great importance to planning and preparation for GMs. They optimized the meeting schedule and procedure and used online services developed by the IRC – R.O.S.T. Group, which enabled both the issuers and us to save efforts and costs.

We noticed a significant year-on-year increase in demand for the Shareholder's Personal Account online service, which is due to growing popularity of electronic voting, as well as for additional services for shareholders during the GM. Shareholders of our largest clients such as PJSC Aeroflot, PJSC Inter RAO and PJSC MTS were able to participate in GMs online by using the electronic voting system developed by the IRC – R.O.S.T. Group.

Over 900 shareholders of record used additional services provided by our mobile offices and updated their shareholders’ forms. Over 500 of them gained access to the Shareholder's Personal Account online service, and over 100 shareholders voted electronically immediately after connecting the service.