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Shareholder 24/7

Wherever you are, the Shareholder 24/7 line of services makes your communication with the Registrar faster and more convenient! Shareholder 24/7 services fall into two categories: those requiring the participation of the Issuer (the Shareholder's Personal AccountComHolder) and those that a shareholder can use independently (ComDoc and ComQueue).  

  Shareholder's Personal Account 

By using this service, shareholders (individuals and legal entities) have convenient round-the-clock access to information about their portfolio of securities, as well as to information on dividends, meetings, frequently asked questions, etc. They are also given the opportunity to vote at shareholder meetings through the ComVoting service.

To connect and use the Shareholder's Personal Account, the Issuer and the Registrar need to conclude the relevant contract.

  Electronic voting at shareholders' meetings

The electronic voting service is integrated in the Shareholder's Personal Account (ComHolder) and makes it possible to vote at a shareholder meeting without leaving the current location. Both shareholders who hold their shares directly in the register and shareholders holding their shares in a depository, including in accounts with the Central Securities Depository, may exercise their voting right in this way.

Other electronic services for Shareholders

Registration via the electronic queue management  system

The web service allows you to book an appointment for a convenient time starting from the next business day via the electronic queue management system of the customer service area. Shareholders can register in it on their own. 

  Fill out shareholders' documents

The service allows you to fill out certain forms of documents in advance, before visiting the Registrar's Office in person. After you fill out a document form, you can print it yourself and/or save the documents you have completed and print them at the Registrar's office. Shareholders can register in it on their own.
The service is available in all offices of JSC Independent Registrar Company. The cost of the printout at the Registrar's offices is RUB 250 per document, net of VAT.