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Corporate consulting services

Advising on the establishment of a legal entity (advice on the choice of the optimal form of incorporation);

Development and implementation of effective corporate governance standards and models;
  Ensuring compliance of the company's Charter and internal documents regulating the functioning of the company's bodies with the law;
  Analysis of the documents of a joint-stock company to determine whether the status of a 'public joint-stock company' is applicable; assisting privately held companies in going public and assisting public companies in going private;
  Development of the framework and provision of legal support for the reorganization of legal entities;
  Legal support of securities issue procedures;
  Legal support for the procedures of voluntary and compulsory offer and mandatory buyback of securities;
  Obtaining approval for transactions related to economic concentration from the FAS of Russia in accordance with antitrust legislation;

Organization and legal support of the functioning of the governing bodies of joint-stock companies;
  Advising on the re-issue of the shareholder register and the preparation of documents necessary for the transfer of the register system to the Registrar;
  Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements for information disclosure;

Consultations on the conclusion of corporate contracts;
  Other advisory services;